Google Bees Spell EaseFemin

Google Wrties EaseFemin on the Moon

Google Wrties EaseFemin on the Moon!

Today we were surprised by Google with one of the most interesting marketing ideas ever. To celebrate Google Adwords 10th aniversary, a movie was created with a technology that allows each recepient (their advertisers) to see their product names as part of the story!

Even considering that with today’s technology not many things surprises us anymore, Google has somehow made a tremendous positive impression on me as I watched the video. Click here to see the video with EaseFemin on it. A fantastic idea very well executed.

The coincidence with us is even bigger with the first part of the movie being about robotic bees spelling EaseFemin on a radio controled flight!  Very funny indeed.

Congratulations to Google on Adwords 10th aniversary and for celebrating it with a creative. touching and well executed campaign!

As for me, I LOVE THE BEES!!!








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