HSI Second Independent Article on Red Bee Propolis

100% Brazilian Red Propolis from NaturaNectar

Rare Brazilian compound takes on free radicals, infections, and even more…

by Michele Cagan

This extremely rare and unusual substance works so hard to conquer free radicals that it puts super foods like acai to shame. In fact, its anti- oxidant potential outstrips every food measured by the USDA…

That’s right, based on an independent lab test, FLAV-R scored 354,000…The highest scoring food [up to now] was raw sumac bran, coming in at a stunning score of 312,400 (for comparison, acai scored 102,400)…

And red propolis still brings more health-protecting potential, so your body can fight off health threats from every corner…We face a lot of threats to our health, and so do bees. And now we have access to their virtually bullet- proof protection: propolis. Propolis literally protects bee- hives from virtually all microscopic invaders. In fact, it acts as the hive’s immune system, keeping the entire inner environment sterile, despite its microbe-welcoming warmth.

The March 2012 edition of MEMBERS ALERT of  HSI – Health Sciences Institute, an independent organization, dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern alternative medicine, featured HSI second article on Brazilian Red Bee Propolis. Our exclusive ingredient continues to receive the attention of the scientific communcity accross the globe and it is great to see HSI following it closely. HSI is an exclusive paid subscription service for a very large audience mainly in the US but also other countries like Canada and  Australia.

Good Sunday everyone!


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