When Innovation Meets Science

Science of Supplements- EaseFemin

Vitamin Retailer - Science of Supplements- EaseFemin

How exciting it is to see the evolution of our products and the recognition of the fact that NaturaNectar is uniquely positioned in the Natural Products Industry as one of the greatest examples of innovation driven by science and the uniqueness of our core ingredients based on Brazilian Red Propolis.

The article above on Vitamin Retailer describes how our aglycone isoflavones make all the difference in the winning formulation of EaseFemin Menopausal Support.

Enjoy the reading!



Direct Talk to West Coast Women


NaturaNectar™ at 2010 California"s Governor & First Lady Conference on Women
NaturaNectar at California Women’s Conference 2010

We’ve had a fantastic two days of intense contact with the women in Long Beach, California on October 25 and 26.

Exhibiting at the Governor and First Lady 2010 Conference on Women allowed us to listen and communicate to thousands of women about a better menopause experience through EaseFemin™.

We brought many great memories back home. Among them one made us laugh:  One young lady passed by our booth and seemed quite interested in the product. After listening to our “elevator pitch” she thought for a couple seconds before saying: “I hope it has a good expiry date as I am still some good years away from it!”

NaturaNectar™ Pill Case

NaturaNectar™ Pill Case

There was something especial about talking directly to our potential customers and share facts, feedback and fun!  Bay the way, people loved this nice pill case laser engraved with our company logo…

After the conference we took some days to visit some key accounts and industry players in the West Coast and once again our core value proposition was very well received.

I personally loved the experience and will investigate the possibility of being at other Women’s Conferences taking place across the nation. Stay tuned!

The last weeks have been marked by a lot of travel and accomplishments. We are working very hard to expand our line of products and have been able to secure some remarkable capabilities for our company which I will share in more details soon.

Have a great week!

Red Bee Propolis: The Phyto-Estrogen Link

Bees Working on Red Bee Propolis

Copyright © 2010 NaturaNectar™: Bees Working on Red Bee Propolis

A few years ago, my life journey took a dramatic turn motivated by a long term desire within me for working on something to improve our world and our “neighbors’ lives”.  Such turns do not happen without some sort of remarkable circumstance. In my case listening to the story of bees and their complex society, and more specifically the Brazilian Red Bee Propolis, represented what in the Christian faith is called an ‘epiphany’, or as others would say, my ‘aha’ – that magic moment when you acquire a sureness that triggers a new beginning.

Today I want to share with you one amazing aspect of the Brazilian Red Bee Propolis:  It is the only bee propolis in the world that is rich in isoflavones or phyto-estrogens. These natural compounds have the incredible ability to mimic the role of hormone estrogen in women’s bodies without being hormones!

That’s why we decided to have EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support as our first product. There are over 40 million women in the US alone going through the menopausal stage of life. The Red Bee Propolis is now the first new, all natural, source of isoflavones in many decades. Using Red Bee Propolis isoflavones in a menopause formula means a new hope for all the women going through this phase of life.

I am pleased to learn that 80% of EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support clients are still taking it months after they started. Their testimonies are a truly inspirational. They are a part of this remarkable “neighborhood” that has been born inspired and affected by the fantastic and wise work of bees! There are numerous health benefits from the Brazilian Red Bee Propolis but I think it is intriguing that in the hive, a mostly female insect community (there are thousands of female worker bees, hundred of males (drones) and one queen bee), we would find a special nectar to help alleviate symptoms of this challenging phase of life for many women. What a prefect design!

Chances are you will find these facts interesting. If that is the case, send this blog’s link to a friend that may benefit from this information. At the end of the day, that’s what neighbors are all about!  Have a great and healthy day!

Getting Closer to You

Palko April 2010 Catalog Featuring EaseFemin™

This month marks the official start of EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support distribution to retail outlets. We are thrilled that Palko Distributing Co. is now carrying our product. Palko is a nationwide distributor. With this Partnership thousands of health food stores around the country will be able to get our product and make it available to their customers.

Our sales team has been visiting health food stores across the country. The good news is: they get the message of NEW HOPE that EaseFemin™ brings to the 40+ million women in the US going through the menopause.  The key message: EaseFemin™ is an exclusive product, with a unique formula in a marketplace flooded by “me too’s”!

I am inspired by the feedback received from the new retail Partners and our clients who continue consistently to report on the benefits of our winning formula in their lives.

Watch for our products as you visit a Health Food Store and you realize we getting closer to you!

Have a great week!

NaturaNectar™: Debut at Expo West 2010

NaturaNectar™'s First Natural Products Expo West

If you are not from the Natural Products Industry, the name Expo West may not ring any bells for you.  So allow me to share with you how thrilled we were to exhibit for the first time in this show.

Natural Products Expo West is the largest industry trade show in the world.  It happens every March in Anaheim, CA and about 5,000 exhibitors have the opportunity to meet over 55,000 industry people attending the show.  It’s a phenomenal opportunity to network and create solid business relationships. We took full advantage of our time there by meeting face to face with hundreds of potential clients. We visited with some of them making a solid impression with our brands.

This has been our second show and the acceptance of EaseFemin™ by key industry players has been incredible.  I am so excited with our progress there and the level of energy that all the people in our company are displaying as we spread the word about the good stuff we are making to improve people’s lives.

There are many important developments that I am looking forward to sharing with you in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you for stopping by!

NaturaNectar™: SOHO Expo: Spreading the Good News

Alessandro Esteves, Mary Jo Mahoney and J.L. Paes-Leme

We have just arrived back from the SOHO Expo in Orlando, FL.  This was the first natural products trade show for NaturaNectar™ and our product EaseFemin™.  Our team is very encouraged by the warm reception we had from retailers and other industry players.

The curiosity around our IsoFactor™ extract from Brazilian Red Bee Propolis was great and shows the potential of our innovative ingredient.  People were also intrigued by the many testimonials we have received from customers in such a short time.

Another highlight was the our company’s commitment with Corporate Social Responsibility. People were excited to see that we will be developing projects to help our neighbors in need and also protect our threatened bees.

Four days of intense preparation and execution.  The results of the show coupled with a great PR effort started just before it are bearing great fruit.

I just read a good article on Natural Food Network about EaseFemin™ and our retail debut.  You can click here to see it.

We just couldn’t be more excited about it. Thanks for following us!

NaturaNectar™: A Meaningful Feedback

Copyright © 2009 NaturaNectar™ All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2009 NaturaNectar™ All Rights Reserved

It has been about two weeks since I wrote about the building of NaturaNectar™‘s vision and mission. We have chosen to dedicate time at the beginning of our company to do that and it has helped us so far.

I am a bit surprised that I would find myself blogging about it again in such a short time but you will understand why.

Last week we were pleased because more and more clients are giving us feedback on how EaseFemin™ is helping them to cope with a difficult phase of their lives: menopause.  There was one in particular which gave us the sense that people do pay close attention to the essence of our company. To the motives that go well beyond turning a profit. In her review about EaseFemin™ she wrote and I quote:

“I also think that EaseFemin stands behind their mission statement of “To unleash the power of our exotic, pure, and potent extracts, and to improve health and quality of life for our customers.” It has truly improved my health and quality of life! Thanks EaseFemin for a wonderful product! :)”

A client told us not very long after our first product became available:

  1. She believes our company stands behind our mission statement, and that
  2. this mission is already being fulfilled in her life,

We have a sense that we are on the right path especially when the communication is made with such plain and simple words.

Today we celebrate this one more victory, one more step in building our vision, but our focus and determination remains the same as there is no room for complacency. Remember the bees? They don’t lose their focus!

I thank all of you who have already trusted in our work and hope you all have a blessed week!