HSI Third Independent Article on NaturaNectar. This time is Gastro Guardian™

GASTRO_GUARDIAN Bottle outside CartonExotic bees hold the key to … digestive woes… fast

by Michele Cagan

Deep in the heart of Brazil lies the secret to a pain-free GI tract. And now you can use [it] to protect and repair your gastrointestinal system… And it all starts with a very rare compound produced by a small group of Brazilian bees.

But studies show that bee propolis can make you feel better almost right away…

When Brazilian bees team up with Scandinavian tradition, [digestive issues] don’t stand a chance

Back in 1974, Sven Salomon, a forward thinking Danish biochemist, developed what was to become a staple of Scandinavian medicine… Flash-forward nearly 40 years, to when NaturaNectar’s FLAV™-M patented propolis extract was combined with the two other ingredients from Salomon’s original formula…

The August 2012 edition of MEMBERS ALERT of  HSI – Health Sciences Institute, an independent organization, dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern alternative medicine, featured HSI third article on NaturaNectar’s products, this time Gastro Guardian. Our exclusive ingredient and extraction process continues to receive the attention of the scientific community across the globe and it is great to see HSI following them closely. HSI is an exclusive paid subscription service for a very large audience mainly in the US but also other countries like Canada and  Australia.



The Art of Bringing Bee Propolis to the Frontline in the USA… It Just Makes Sense

NaturaNectar Gastro Guardian & Bee Propolis on Vitamin Retailer March 2012

NaturaNectar Gastro Guardian & Bee Propolis on Vitamin Retailer March 2012

Since our inception we have been tirelessly working on several PR fronts to make sure the Brazilian Bee Propolis ingredients and products including our exclusive Red Bee Propolis get recognized and appreciated by a growing number of media outlets. I believe the March edition of Vitamin Retailer is an excellent example of the type of coverage products like our unique NaturaNectar Gastro Guardian deserve (see an article on digestion). The same edition brings a very educative article on bee propolis and how honeybees have evolved in Brazil to create more than 13 different types of propolis. It is a must read and I hope you not only enjoy but also get educated on how this phenomenal immune system of the beehive can help our health. So much to write… 🙂