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Red Propolis Bees Collecting Resin from

Red Propolis Bees Collecting Resin from

Just-Discovered Rare Substance Takes the Sting out of Menopause… and So Much More.

by Michele Cagan

In a very small region in the heart of Brazil lies the secret to a virtually unnoticeable menopause…

This unlikely story begins with a businessman and a swarm of bees…

This Brazilian red bee propolis created by Alessandro’s hives contains several isoflavones—some of which are still unidentified because they’ve never been seen before. But the key to their […] capabilities is well-known…

You see, propolis is what bees use to protect their hives from, well, everything. In fact, propolis is literally the hive’s immune system, and it keeps the entire inner environment pure and sterile.

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