Previewing A New Era for NaturaNectar!

Vitamin Retailer Article on NaturaNectar Cover

Vitamin Retailer Article on NaturaNectar

NaturaNectar Full Page Ad: New Line
& NaturaNectar Full Page Ad: New Line
Dear blog readers,
I am so excited to share with you today this article from Vitamin Retailer. It’s exploring a whole different dimension for our product EaseFemin. In the article, a trend is mentioned of combining other ingredients with antioxidants for more complete, final products. It’s great to see that EaseFemin is a live example of this trend. However in the middle of the article, you will notice the first full page advertising of our new and exclusive line. I am so proud of the countless hours of hard work here in US, in Brazil and in Denmark to allow us to get ready to soon launch the First Functional Line of Bee Propolis products in the US. In the next weeks I will preview to you each of the exciting upcoming products of the line! I can’t wait! For now I invite you to click here or in the pictures above to read this interesting article about this interesting trend. I have highlighted in yellow our collaborations to the article. Thank you for reading!

The Art of Living with Marilu Henner Unveils Red Bee Propolis

Marilu Henner's Documentary Unveils NaturaNectar Red Bee Propolis and EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support

We are very excited to share with you our 5-minute documentary like segment for The Art of Living with Marilu Henner. It will be aired nationally through the Women’s Entertainment Network and regionally in several key markets for the next three to four months.

This is a phenomenal tool to help us spread the word about our Red Bee Propolis extracts, the aglycone isoflavones differential, and our company focus in giving back.

Please subscribe to this blog to receive the schedules as they become available.  Here are the first airings beginning next week:

West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce-Boca Raton

Friday 10/01, 11:30 AM, ION WPXP-TV

Saturday 10/02, 8:30 AM, ION WPXP-TV

Saturday 10/09, 8:30 AM, ION WPXP-TV

Friday 10/15, 11:30 AM ION WPXP-TV

Exciting times! Have a great week everyone!

Vitamin Retailer Editorial on EaseFemin™

Vitamin Retailer Editorial "The Change Tide" July 2010 Featuring EaseFemin™

Vitamin Retailer Features EaseFemin™

This month marks the beginning of an exciting journey for our company and products. Another one that makes us very proud.

The Vitamin Retailer is a leading B2B magazine that targets retailers in the natural products industry. In this month’s edition our product EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support is featured in the editorial “A Changing Tide” by Melissa Kvidahl that discusses the shift in consumer mindset that has taken place in the last years as more women become aware of the risks associated with hormone therapies and are searching for natural solutions for this challenging phase of life.

In the article we were quoted several times on the menopause segment for natural products, the growing population that is going through this phase of life, our marketing support to retailers, the need to get medical advise and the importance of women to get prepared ahead of time for the change.

Please take a moment to visit the electronic print of this month’s edition of Vitamin Retailer by clicking here and check pages 40 to 42. This is just the beginning of our press coverage and we are all very excited with what the future holds! Have a great week!