Red Bee Propolis: The Phyto-Estrogen Link

Bees Working on Red Bee Propolis

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A few years ago, my life journey took a dramatic turn motivated by a long term desire within me for working on something to improve our world and our “neighbors’ lives”.  Such turns do not happen without some sort of remarkable circumstance. In my case listening to the story of bees and their complex society, and more specifically the Brazilian Red Bee Propolis, represented what in the Christian faith is called an ‘epiphany’, or as others would say, my ‘aha’ – that magic moment when you acquire a sureness that triggers a new beginning.

Today I want to share with you one amazing aspect of the Brazilian Red Bee Propolis:  It is the only bee propolis in the world that is rich in isoflavones or phyto-estrogens. These natural compounds have the incredible ability to mimic the role of hormone estrogen in women’s bodies without being hormones!

That’s why we decided to have EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support as our first product. There are over 40 million women in the US alone going through the menopausal stage of life. The Red Bee Propolis is now the first new, all natural, source of isoflavones in many decades. Using Red Bee Propolis isoflavones in a menopause formula means a new hope for all the women going through this phase of life.

I am pleased to learn that 80% of EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support clients are still taking it months after they started. Their testimonies are a truly inspirational. They are a part of this remarkable “neighborhood” that has been born inspired and affected by the fantastic and wise work of bees! There are numerous health benefits from the Brazilian Red Bee Propolis but I think it is intriguing that in the hive, a mostly female insect community (there are thousands of female worker bees, hundred of males (drones) and one queen bee), we would find a special nectar to help alleviate symptoms of this challenging phase of life for many women. What a prefect design!

Chances are you will find these facts interesting. If that is the case, send this blog’s link to a friend that may benefit from this information. At the end of the day, that’s what neighbors are all about!  Have a great and healthy day!


YOU AND ME: Is Your Dream Approved or Declined?


Credit Cards are fascinating pieces of plastic that have changed the way people pay for virtually anything over the last four decades.

One of the neatest stories about credit cards is how one gets an authorization from a card issuer at the point of sale in literally less than 5 seconds.  Think about it:  It normally takes longer for the store clerk to swipe your card and enter the amount of the transaction than for the transaction route to complete:

1.  transaction leaves the store

2.  goes to the acquiring institution (which is probably out of state)

3.  goes to a major processor (somewhere in the world)

4. travels then to a card network (American Express, Visa or MaterCard)

5. which finally delivers it to the card issuing financial institution for approval.

The card issuing bank then analyzes the transaction against a complex set of risk management and credit rules and responds to the original store with either the anticipated “authorized” or the embarrassing “declined”. Of course the transaction will have to travel all the way back through the same route, so that the little POS slip can be printed for one more happy consumer! So fast! So many times, actually tens of billions of transactions every month.

I have actually spent some of my career in Financial Services leading credit card networks and it amazes me that with the same kind of speed described above, I have made a change into a new and fascinating industry, the Natural Products one.  I will surely talk more about NaturaNectar™ in future blogs, but today let’s focus on the dream.

I have always dreamed abut doing something different, new, that would add significance to our “world neighborhood” and to my life.  Suddenly it was God’s time for me.  A difficult decision to leave the “sureness” of Corporate America and to embark into the adventures of entrepreneurship and I can tell you, it’s been quite a ride!

NaturaNectar™ was born from this dream, from the intersection of my mid-life sudden realization that I am playing the second half, already running behind schedule to build such a visionary project.

It’s being such a joy to see this project come to fruition basically from a meeting between a few ideas typed on my laptop in 2008 and my Partner’s decade long dream to do something very similar.  The good news is God somehow made us meet, and today some parts of the project are already history as NaturaNectar™ thrives.

I can’t say it enough that this is only the very beginning of a long journey, but I few blessed by God’s given courage to steer my life from its natural course to be where I am today.

When Alessandro and I discuss the daily issues we face the temptation is to focus on the limitations, the hurdles, the fact the we are still very small compared to our competitors and how difficult it will be to penetrate the market.  When this happens we are convicted and prompt to refocus, to move from the limitations of today to the possibilities of tomorrow and boy are we ready for the fight!? You bet!

Do you have a dream?  At the end of your life transaction are you going to get an “approved” or “declined” message?  Think about it!