Google Bees Spell EaseFemin

Google Wrties EaseFemin on the Moon

Google Wrties EaseFemin on the Moon!

Today we were surprised by Google with one of the most interesting marketing ideas ever. To celebrate Google Adwords 10th aniversary, a movie was created with a technology that allows each recepient (their advertisers) to see their product names as part of the story!

Even considering that with today’s technology not many things surprises us anymore, Google has somehow made a tremendous positive impression on me as I watched the video. Click here to see the video with EaseFemin on it. A fantastic idea very well executed.

The coincidence with us is even bigger with the first part of the movie being about robotic bees spelling EaseFemin on a radio controled flight!  Very funny indeed.

Congratulations to Google on Adwords 10th aniversary and for celebrating it with a creative. touching and well executed campaign!

As for me, I LOVE THE BEES!!!








The Art of Living with Marilu Henner Unveils Red Bee Propolis

Marilu Henner's Documentary Unveils NaturaNectar Red Bee Propolis and EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support

We are very excited to share with you our 5-minute documentary like segment for The Art of Living with Marilu Henner. It will be aired nationally through the Women’s Entertainment Network and regionally in several key markets for the next three to four months.

This is a phenomenal tool to help us spread the word about our Red Bee Propolis extracts, the aglycone isoflavones differential, and our company focus in giving back.

Please subscribe to this blog to receive the schedules as they become available.  Here are the first airings beginning next week:

West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce-Boca Raton

Friday 10/01, 11:30 AM, ION WPXP-TV

Saturday 10/02, 8:30 AM, ION WPXP-TV

Saturday 10/09, 8:30 AM, ION WPXP-TV

Friday 10/15, 11:30 AM ION WPXP-TV

Exciting times! Have a great week everyone!

Stunning Red Bees in Action Video

Stunning Red Bees in Action

Stunning Red Bees in Action

This is exciting! For the last several weeks we’ve been busy producing a documentary that will soon air nationally on WE – Women’s Entertainment Network: The Art of Living with Marilu Henner.  We took some amazing shots of our production facilities in Brazil at our sister company APIARY ALMAR LTDA. So we thought: why not do some short videos and populate them on our recently refreshed website? Here is the first one…

I invite you to watch this short 3.5 minute movie. Make sure you blow up your screen to FULL and watch it in HD! I think you are going to like it and have a better understanding of the passion we feel for this blessing from nature, the Brazilian Red Bee Propolis.

If you like it, let your friends and family know it by forwarding, tweeting, blogging, or any other …”ing” you may know! 🙂

Have a blessed day!